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Egress Window Wells The Best Quality for the Best Price

Does your basement includes livable space, like a bedroom? If so, did you know there are IRC codes pertaining to egress or emergency exit that every existing home or new construction project has to meet? The size and design of your window well is a safety issue.

At Cover Up Window Wells, we can replace your existing window well to meet all IRC codes pertaining to egress. If you are remodeling your basement or doing an addition, a properly-designed window well that meets IRC code is a requirement.

Cover Up Window Wells can handle your new installation or replacement window well using the Boman Kemp metal window wells.

Boman Kemp window wells are unique in that they offer a total solution for meeting egress – or emergency exit – requirements at an affordable price. Our window well installation is guaranteed to meet and exceed all IRC codes pertaining to egress.

A construction standard for over 40 years, the Boman Kemp basement window well – or Easy-Well – is designed to keep earth away from basement windows. In new construction, it bolts directly to the Boman Kemp Easy-Buck or can be bolted to the wall during basement remodeling.

Maximum livable space and low cost are the two top factors homeowners and home buyers consider when building, buying or remodeling a home. In new construction, having the foresight to install basement windows – and properly-designed window wells – gives home buyers the option of utilizing the basement as livable space immediately or in the future. Likewise, when remodeling, homeowners can include basement windows and window wells to expand their livable space into previously unused basements. A properly designed basement window and window well can be a cost-efficient way to open up an otherwise dark and dingy basement.

Our Boman Kemp window well is a top-of-the-line replacement, as well, for existing window wells that have been damaged or are deteriorating and need replacing. Our window wells can fit any terrain and replace any window well design.

Cover Up Window Wells provides custom grates or window well covers to precisely fit your new Boman Kemp Easy-Well window well. Cover Up can also replace your basement windows with custom-sized maintenance-free energy-efficient vinyl double-pane replacement windows.