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Replacement Basement Windows The Best Quality for the Best Price

Drafty old basement windows giving you the blues? Basement windows, ideally, should be designed to let in light, allow safe egress during an emergency, provide security from intruders, block dampness and keep out extremes of cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Because we are basement window well experts, we understand best what is needed in a basement window.

Our insulated vinyl replacement windows are ideal for replacing your basement windows. Even if your window is not a standard-sized window, there is no size, shape or configuration of custom window we cannot replace.

As a hands-on, on-site company, we measure and install each custom-fit replacement basement window. Our insulated windows are designed for long life, easy egress, safety and beauty. Our energy-efficient replacement basement windows offer three times the insulation of standard windows and offer dual-pane insulated glass, so you can save on heating and cooling bills.

The attractive white vinyl construction offers a maintenance-free alternative to unsightly aluminum frames or wooden windows that need to be painted year after year. No more painted shut or swollen windows that won’t budge. Our windows slide open with ease and sashes can even be removed to facilitate your exit. Safe egress is key in an emergency.

Easy out, but not easy-in. Our window locks and dual-pane shatter-proof glass offer an additional layer of security for your family or business.

At Cover Up Window Wells, we always guarantee the quality and precision of our custom windows, but because they are custom items, please note that once they are manufactured for your custom windows, your made-to-order custom windows are non-returnable.