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Advanced Custom Window Well Covers The Best Quality for the Best Price

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custom made to fit any well

high performance polycarbonate

strong lexan surface material

riveted construction

perpendicular cross supports

double main support

double main support

Advanced Custom Window Well Covers The Best Quality for the Best Price

Do you have a hard-to-fit custom window well? Rest assured that there is no size, shape or configuration of custom window well we cannot cover.

Installing windows in the foundation of a home or office building at or below ground level can be a problematic issue. Not all existing window wells are designed properly or even meet building standards. Poorly designed window wells can create maintenance and possibly drainage issues–not to mention be unsightly. A custom window well cover can address fundamental flaws in your window well, but a precision-fit is essential. Even with perfectly-designed window wells, a precisely manufactured cover is the key to protecting your home’s foundation and ensuring safe egress in an emergency.

We measure and manufacture each custom-fit window well cover at your site, and our precision design and manufacturing process is unmatched. Our CNC Machining process can create complex three-dimension shapes impossible to duplicate with manual machining. CNC Machining is used in jobs that require a high level of precision.

We design and manufacture the components used in our custom window well covers, and every custom cover is made-to-order just for you. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all approach at Cover Up Window Wells. Every custom window well cover is designed for long life, easy egress, safety and beauty.

At Cover Up, we always guarantee the quality and precision of our custom window well covers, but because they are custom items, please note that once they are manufactured for your custom window well, your made-to-order custom window well cover is non-returnable.

Lexan Covering Types Available